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Diving / Q&A


What is the requirement of swimming technique for

The Scuba equipments nowadays are very safe and reliable, so basic swimming skills are required before taking the course for safety reasons.

Is Scuba Diving safe?

Scuba Diving is safe as there are International Diving Association which responsible for standardizing training procedure and safety requirement such as PADI nowadays and required divers to obtain a license before joining this activity. This is to make sure that divers are trained properly before they are issued a license to minimize the chance of an accident.

Can I learn Scuba Diving by myself?

If you are not instructed by a certified Scuba Instructor, it may cause danger easily, it is not recommended to do so.

Do female suitable for Scuba Diving?

The equipments nowadays are safe and easy-to-handle, some of them are specially designed for ladies, and lots of female divers enjoy this exciting activity easily now as excessive strength and technique is not a must anymore.

Scuba Diving consume excessive stamina & strength?

You don't need to spend much stamina and strength during the dive as you are in a weightless status underwater.

I need to wear glasses, can I learn Scuba Diving?

Yes. It is recommended to wear a mask with corrective lens to prevent contact lens misplacing underwater or being flushed away.

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